Bishop’s Schedule

July to December 2017

Date Event

July 3

Council of Priests’ meeting, Pastoral Centre
Thank You Dinner for Carmelites, Domano Renewal Centre
July 5 DRC Leadership meeting, Domano Renewal Centre
July 7-9 Rose Prince Pilgrimage, Fraser lake
July 12 Appeal Committee Meeting, Pastoral Centre
July 13 Vocation Advisory Committee Meeting, Pastoral Centre
August 1-3 Knights of Columbus Supreme Convention, St. Louis
August 21-25 Ignite Camp, Camp Morice
September 6 Appeal 10th Anniversary Celebration, Domano Renewal Centre
September 7 CISPG Leadership meeting, Pastoral Centre
September 12 APEX, Vancouver
September 17 St. Joseph’s Parish, Vanderhoof Centennial
September 22 CWL Diocesan Executive, Domano Renewal Centre
September 24 Liturgy Commission Meeting, NAV Canada Centre, Cornwall, ON
September 25-29 CCCB Plenary, NAV Canada Centre, Cornwall, ON
October 3-5 Priests’ Convocation, Pastoral Centre
October 12 CISPG Board Meeting/AGM, Pastoral Centre
November 3 BC Bishops’ Meeting, Vancouver
November 7-9 Liturgy Convention, Vancouver
November 23 CISPG Board meeting, Pastoral Centre
December 1-2 Knights of Columbus Meeting, Vancouver
December 2 Vigil for Life, Sacred Heart Cathedral