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2019 Annual Diocesan Youth Conference - "Called"

May 3-5, 2019 Featuring Katie Prejean McGrady and Face2Face Ministries.
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  • ** If you are a non-resident of Prince George, and have arranged your own accommodations. PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR HOST'S NAME AND PHONE NUMBER,
  • This is open to all those grades 7-12. Please indicate where you are a participant, chaperone/ or adult leader.

    REGISTRATION FEES CANNOT BE PAID ONLINE - Fees can be paid prior to the event by cheque payable to: RCEC – Diocese of Prince George. Please mail to: 6500 Southridge Avenue Prince George, BC V2N 5P9 OR bring cheque or cash upon arrival on May 3, 2019. Fees are $70. Those who register on/before April 10, 2019 will receive a limited edition DYC T-shirt. Those who register after, will not receive a T-shirt. Fees for volunteers and chaperones-- $20. Limited subsidy is available, especially for families with three or more youth.
  • Cheques made payable to RCEC $70.00 for participants $20 for chaperones or volunteers REGISTER BEFORE APRIL 10, 2019 TO RECEIVE YOUR T-SHIRT
  • If you would like a t-shirt REGISTER ON OR BEFORE APRIL 10, 2019
  • Please provide the grade you are in.
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  • If you require special needs, please clarify. (i.e wheelchair accessibility, special diet etc.)
  • A participant will be dismissed from the DYC if he or she is: 1) under the influence or is in possession of drugs or alcohol. 2) in the presence of another who is under the influence or who is clearly in possession of drugs or alcohol. 3) behaving abnormally or inappropriately. Such dismissal will make the person of concern the responsibility of the Parish Youth Coordinator. Any costs incurred from dismissal will be the responsibility of participant’s family.
  • 1) Clothing that promotes, advertises or makes reference to the following is not permitted: a) Derogatory racial, religious or sexist messages b) Vulgar, abusive and inappropriate language c) Illegal activity d) Drugs, alcohol OR tobacco 2) Revealing clothing such as halter-tops, backless shirts, bare midriffs, spaghetti straps and see-through clothing are not allowed. Clothing must cover the entire back, front, shoulders and mid-section at all times. 3) NO undergarments are to be visible at any time. 4) Dresses, skirts, shorts and slits in dresses must be no shorter than mid-thigh. 5) Footwear will be clean and non-scuffing/non-marking.
  • All sessions must be attended by the participating youth. Conference bracelets must be worn at all times during the conference for security reasons. Respect for others and their property at all times. NO participant may leave the conference or billet site unless accompanied by an adult. I agree to the Code of Conduct and Dress Code as defined above. I AGREE TO ABIDE BY THESE GROUND RULES
  • 1) I hereby give my consent for my daughter/son to participate in the Diocesan Youth Conference sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Prince George at the Diocesan Centre in Prince George May 3-5, 2019. 2) I agree not to hold the Diocese of Prince George, our parish youth program and the organizers of the youth conference responsible for liability or injury incurred by the above named person during the activities arising out of DYC that is beyond reasonable control of the organizers and youth leaders. 3) Should injury occur I hereby give permission for my son/daughter to receive treatment either from our family physician or an available physician.
  • The Diocese of Prince George's legal representatives, videographer, and photographers retain the rights and permission to publish without charge photographs and videos/dvds taken during this event. These images may be used in publications such as in electronic publications or in audio-visual presentation, promotional literature, advertising, website pages, or in other similar ways by the Diocese of Prince George DYC.