Message from Bishop Jensen on the Diocesan Assembly


I look forward to being with members of the diocesan community at this year’s Assembly.

Our time together is an opportunity to discern and plan the works that will make us more effective in the mission God calls His Church to serve in the 21st century. The extraordinary synod on the pastoral challenges facing family life which takes place in Rome this October offers a key direction for our work in the parishes and schools of the diocese.

Let us prayerfully prepare for the Assembly, asking God to make it a source of renewal for our local Church.


The Diocesan Assembly will be held this year from October 1-3rd at the Diocesan Pastoral Centre in Prince George. This year, we will explore as a Diocesan family the practical ways we can all live the call of Pope Francis to encounter Christ daily and be his JOYFUL MISSIONARY DISCIPLES in our world. It will combine inspiration with practical workshops that can make a real difference in people’s lives, families, schools, parishes, and communities. Click here for further information and for the registration package.


Responding to the Situation in the Middle East

All of us, together with Pope Francis, are following with deep concern the dramatic news reports coming from Iraq, Gaza and Syria. Defenseless populations, including our Christian brothers and sisters, flee from their homes, in urgent need for protection, food, shelter and medical assistance. In solidarity with their sufferings, and in communion with the whole Church, let us, in the words of the Holy Father, “raise up with one voice a ceaseless prayer, imploring the Holy Spirit to send the gift of peace” to the Middle East.

Parishioners are encouraged to join with Christians and others in urging your Member of Parliament to encourage the Government of Canada to do even more for the Middle East — by providing Canadian emergency and reconstruction assistance, by making it easier for our country to accept refugees, by participating in international efforts to foster justice and peace in the region, and by insisting on respect for freedom of conscience and religion, as well as respect for the rights of minorities.

Three Canadian Catholic agencies are fundraising for the suffering people of the Middle East:

Catholics are encouraged if possible to support all three agencies in their work.  Click on the organization name above for further information on the emergency and reconstruction projects provided by these agencies and for how to donate.

Further information on the situation in the Middle East is also regularly provided by Caritas Internationalis, which is the Church’s international network of over 160 national Catholic charities, serving all poor people, of all faiths, all over the world. Up-to-date reports on the Middle East are provided on its website at http://www.caritas.org/where-we-are/middle-east-north-africa/