Diocesan Offices

Address: 6500 Southridge Avenue, Prince George, BC V2N 5P9
Telephone: (250)964-4424
Fax: (250)964-2101
Email: reception@pgdiocese.bc.ca
Reception: Miranda Wallace

Bishop | Most Rev. Stephen Jensen

Telephone extension: 235

Vicar General | Rev. Terry Brock

Email: tbrock@pgdiocese.bc.ca

Administrative Assistant, Office of the Bishop |  Miranda Wallace

Telephone extension: 2200
Email: mwallace@pgdiocese.bc.ca


Chancellor | Rev. John Garden

Telephone extension: 2203
Email: jgarden@pgdiocese.bc.ca

Archivist |  Richard Sinclair

Telephone extension: 2113
Email: archives@pgdiocese.bc.ca

Vocations | Rev. Terry Brock

Telephone: 250-635-2313
Email: vocations.pgdiocese@gmail.com

Diocesan Annual Appeal

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James Fowlie

Telephone extension: 2202
Email: jfowlie@pgdiocese.bc.ca


Evangelization and Catechesis

Youth and Young Adult Ministry Coordinator | Lisa Findlay

Telephone extension: 2109
Email: lfindlay@pgdiocese.bc.ca

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Finance Office

Business Manager| James Fowlie

Telephone extension: 2202
Email:  jfowlie@pgdiocese.bc.ca

Accountant | Lynn Monteith

Telephone extension: 2106
Email: lynn-monteith@pgdiocese.bc.ca

Accounting Clerks:

Catherine Cosh

Telephone extension: 2105
Email: catherine@pgdiocese.bc.ca

Zealline Sadiwa

Telephone extension:  2302