Faith, Hope and Love

ON FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE: A three-part series by Rev. Basil Burns, PhD

According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, “The theological virtues [faith, hope, and love] are the foundation of Christian moral activity; they animate it and give it its special character. They inform and give life to all the moral virtues.”  In short, a relationship with the Holy Trinity is based on these three virtues and is not possible without these three virtues.  Pope Benedict XVI thought that the re-awakening of the theological virtues of faith, hope and love is so important for the modern church that the only official encyclicals he wrote for the entire church are on these virtues.  What are faith, hope, and love?  What do they look like?  How do we acquire these virtues and make them concrete in our lives?  Please join us as Fr. Basil Burns, PhD, helps answer these questions, leading us deeper into the heart of the Trinity.


Session 1: On Faith – Thursday evening session, February 14, 2019

Session 2: On Hope – Thursday evening session, February 21, 2019

Session 3: On Love - Thursday evening session, February 28, 2019