“My Inmost Being…”: St. Thomas Aquinas on the Inner Workings of the Soul

We find ourselves in a very confused world that is uncertain of its identity, but the Church has saintly guides that can lead us to reliable answers about personality and the nature of the soul.  Pope Pius XI wrote of St. Thomas Aquinas: “Just as it was said to the Egyptians of old in time of famine: ‘Go to Joseph,’ so that they should receive a supply of corn from him to nourish their bodies, so we now say to all such as are desirous of the truth: ‘Go to Thomas,’ and ask him to give you from his storehouse the food of solid teaching to nourish your souls for heaven.”  


November 1, 2018: Virtue & the Spiritual Life: An Introduction


Session One Handouts

November 8, 2018: The Intellect & the Spiritual Life


Session Two

November 15, 2018: The Will, Emotions & the Spiritual Life

Session Three

November 22, 2018: The Imagination, Memory & the Spiritual Life

Session Four

SessionIV handout