Fake emails purportedly from Bishop Jensen

We have recently seen a rise in fake emails purporting to come from Bishop Jensen. Most of these emails ask that you help him out with a favour and ask that you reply to him by email. Later emails ask for the recipient to purchase gift cards for charitable purposes and promise that the amount will be reimbursed by the Bishop.

These emails do not come from Bishop Jensen, and should be immediately deleted. They are a scam intended to trick recipients into supplying the scammers with the hidden code numbers on the back of each gift card. With those code numbers, they are able to claim the funds.

If you have already provided funds in response to an email like this, please contact the police.

Emails that appear to come from someone working for the diocese but do not come from a pgdiocese.bc.ca or a pgdiocese.ca address should be considered fraudulent. You can assured that we would never ask for assistance in this way.

Should you receive an email from us that you aren’t sure is legitimate, please feel free to call us at 250-964-4424. Similarly, emails that come from one of our priests or religious should also be confirmed by telephone or in-person.

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